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The sheer size of the bioregion and the beauty of this biome is overwhelming!

The Amazon is the world`s biggest rainforest; larger than the next two largest rainforests – the Congo Basin and Indonesia – combined!

Undeniably, is our planet`s champion of biodiversity. Just a few mind-blowing examples of its natural treasures:  1,600 species of birds and 600 different mammals; at least 3,000 fish species; more than 16,000 tree species. Although the canopy of Amazonia is less studied than the ocean floor, scientists believe that the canopy may contain half of the world's species.

 Covering about 6.8 million square kilometers, the Amazon Basin is roughly the size of the 48 contiguous United States and covers some 40 percent of the South American continent.

This amazing rainforest spreads across 9 countries, but nearly two-thirds is found in Brazil.

More than half of the Amazon forest that`s still standing (25% of its original area has been destroyed since World War II) is protect by parks, biological and Indian reserves.

 Having over 1,100 tributaries (17 of which are longer than 1,500 kilometers), the Amazon River contributes with almost one-fifth of the total annual amount of fresh-water discharges into the oceans of the world! (In 24 hours, it discharges into the Atlantic as much water as the river Thames carries past London in a year!) The presence of fresh water from the Amazon can be detected well over 100 Km into the Atlantic Ocean.

We have several exhilarating Amazonian tours – all starting in Manaus. One of them you can see about 12 species of monkeys! In another we`ll take you very close to Wire-tailed manikins, Guianan Cock-of-the-rocks, Crimson Topaz, Scarlet Macaws,…

In all our tours there you`ll get the chance to swim with the Pink River Dolphins (completely wild and free) from a beautiful beach on the Rio Negro. Unforgettable! 

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